BBC Music Introducing - Corinna Taylor

BBC Radio Humberside's, Alan Raw says —

"An extremely well written song and I'm extremely happy it came into our upload" he then adds "she's not slowed down at all, and that was one of the ones I recommended this year and I think it went down very well" says Alan Raw describing Corinna's new single 'Blue Card' on his radio show, BBC Music Introducing at Radio Humberside.



Corrina has lived all over the UK: Leicester, Loughborough, Hull, London, Brighton – picking up valuable life experience and musical inspiration along the way.

She is currently living temporarily in Italy but, as soon as she can, she will be heading back to her hometown of Cambridge. In the meantime, she continues writing songs and lyrics and dreaming of performing live shows after lockdown.

Her inspirations include other bold female songwriters and performers such as Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, Selena Gomez and Julia Michaels and, although they have greatly influenced her work, Corrina is not someone who emulates or copies others- she is an emerging artist that is unique and refreshing in her honesty and talent.



The Inspiration for Blue Card”, surprisingly, came from Russell Brand! During the first UK lockdown Corrina was studying a Masters degree in song-writing and decided to write a collection of songs focussed on addiction.

She read Russell Brand’s book ‘Recovery’ which speaks to the ‘everyday addict’ and she realised, with some shock, that she herself had become a ‘mainstream addict’- a shopaholic. She would spend wildly on things she could never use in lockdown receiving a new package EVERY DAY and losing track of what she was buying.

She says: “I was buying clothes that I wouldn’t be able to wear till the summer, or for the trip to Australia I hadn’t, and couldn’t, book.”

Watch her music video here:

You can also catch Corinna Taylor on Spotify, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.


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