Shooting Star: Martijn Lakemeier

Representing The Netherlands is talented actor Martijn Lakemeier. He has won multiple awards including the Rembrandt Award for Winter in Wartime and also as the youngest recipient of the Golden Calf Award for ‘Best Actor’ in 'Dutch Hope'.


”With an emotionally captivating performance, Martijn Lakemeier projects a stoic sensitivity which the camera loves. His strong, evocative presence creates a sense of accessibility that always feels somehow familiar and immediate to us. Honest, focused and understated in his approach, every acting choice he makes is in service to the story, instilling his character with an intense vulnerability and audacious courage at the same time.”


ABOUT Martijn Lakemeier.

Martijn Lakemeier has the distinction of being the youngest winner of a Golden Calf Award for ‘Best Actor’.

He received the prestigious ‘Dutch film award’ for his acting debut in Winter In Wartime (Shortlist Academy Award Best Foreign Language Film, 2010). For the same role, he also won the ‘Dutch audience award’ (Rembrandt Award).

Since then, Martijn has landed roles in several successful Dutch films and TV series, such as the multiple award-winning The Marathon (2012), The Secrets Of Barslet (2012), It’s All So Quiet (2013), Ventoux (2015), Yes I Do (2015), Adios Amigos (2016) and Skógafoss (2017).

In The Netherlands, he is well-known for his role in the most critically acclaimed Dutch TV series in years, Dutch Hope, which won the Golden Calf for Best TV Series and was the Dutch entry for the International Emmy Awards in 2015.

He played in the French film Tout Là-Haut opposite French star Kev Adams and had a guest role on the web-series Blackpills, produced by Bryan Singer and Luc Besson, and directed by Mateo Guez.

Next up is Doodstil, directed by Willem Gerritsen and The East directed by Jim Taihuttu, in which he is cast in the lead opposite Marwan Kenzari.



We spoke with Martijn Lakemeier, he told us about playing Johan in 'The East'. He discusses speaking with war veterans who some denied ever being an Indonesian War of Independence, this was because they were ashamed of their past and felt incredibly guilty.

You can follow Martijn Lakemeier on his social media @martijnlakemeier


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