Shooting Star: Seidi haarla

Representing Finland is talented actress Seidi Haarla. She is most notably known for playing the lead role in Love & Order, which won Finland’s Best TV Series Award. She also played the leading role in the omnibus film, Force Of Habit (2019).


”In her first leading role, Seidi Haarla gives an intuitive, honest and understated performance that is imbued with a compelling sense of gravity. Her quiet intensity and forthright openness draw us in, slowly but surely, as her character awakens. She exudes self- confidence without ever sacrificing subtlety, bringing a deep intensity to her portrayal of the character.”


ABOUT Seidi Haarla.

Seidi Haarla was born in Kirkkonummi, Finland and now lives in Turku on the country’s southwest coast. Her acting career started in 2004 with performances on stage at the Helsinki Student Theater.

Her formal training in acting begun in 2005 with one semester at the Russian State Theater Academy in Saint Petersburg. She completed a Master of Arts (Theatre and Drama) in 2015 at the Art University of Helsinki.

In 2018, she starred in Love & Order, which won Finland’s Best TV Series Award. She played the leading role in the omnibus film, Force Of Habit (2019), which was nominated for the Finnish Academy Awards (Jussi Awards) as Best Finnish Film.

Most recently, she was cast as the lead in Compartment No 6 by Juho Kuosmanen, whose previous film, The Happiest Day In The Life Of Olli Mäki, which premiered and won the selection’s main award in Un Certain Regard at the Cannes Film Festival. Compartement No 6 is in post-production and will premiere in 2021.

Seidi has also co-written and acted in the critically acclaimed autofictive theater plays The Trauma Body (2014) and New Childhood (2020). From parenthood to midwinter ice swimming Seidi is both grounded and inspired in her exploration and unearthing of belongings, childhoods and feminisms.



We spoke with Seidi Haarla about her most recent film Compartment No 6 based on Rosa Liksom's novel. Haarla also discusses deeply why she is so passionate about being a feminist and that we need 'empathy'.

You can follow Seidi Haarla on her social media platforms @seidi_haarla.


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