Founder Elliot Grove says 'Raindance Means Raindance!'

With Brexit soon approaching us on October 31st 2019, we're all in for a big Halloween Fright! This year's Raindance Film Festival has founder Elliot Grove centring its main theme around Brexit, celebrating diversity in Independent Cinema and Filmmakers.

Our presenter Hope Ellen took a minute to speak with Elliot Grove and ask him about his personal views on the matter of Brexit and his decision to choose that unforgettable slogan:

Hope Ellen: "This year, the theme you went for was Brexit related with the whole Raindance Means Raindance. Why did you go with that this year?"

Elliot Grove: "We live in really divisive world with lots going on and we thought 'Brexit Means Brexit!' Well ... 'Raindance Means Raindance', and it became obvious that we would choose Europe as our guest continent. Last year was Chile, we've always done the countries. We thought let's make a statement, so that's why we did it".

Hope Ellen: "Do you think Brexit will impact Independent Filmmakers?"

Elliot Grove: "Of course! Brexit is all about immigration and Raindance (and Independent Film) is all about freedom of movement 'ideas and of people'. All these walls that people are putting up, Britain too, not just Mexico and America, but these walls make it harder for people to collaborate and that's ... that's a bad thing!"

To watch the full interview again, please click on the YouTube video below:

Raindance Film Festival is running between 18th - 29th September 2019, check out the list here including interviews, reviews and much more!

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Popcorn Hub Host Hope Ellen / Camera Operator Aaron Smith / Executive Producer Ali Armian